Topics & Contributions

  The 8th IDMRCS sessions are organized under the topics or research areas given below.

  Session Code Topic
1 Aging Aging in Out of Equilibrium Systems
2 Alc-HB Alcohols & H-Bonds
3 Am-Pharm Amorphous Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals - Physical and Chemical Stability
4 Boson-P Boson Peak
5 Brillouin-LS Brillouin Light Scattering Microspectroscopy for Biological and Biomedical Research and Applications
6 Colloids Colloidal Systems and Dispersions
7 Com-Cell Complexity and Emergent Behaviour in Cell Populations
8 Com-Phot Complex Photonics
9 Conf-TF Confinement & Thin Films
10 Cryst-Am-GT Crystalline versus Amorphous State: Glass Forming Ability and Stability, Glass Transition and Crystallization
11 Dyn-Biomol Dynamics of Biomolecular Systems, Hydrated and Solvated Proteins
12 Dyn-Gl-Macros Dynamics in Glasses at the Macroscale
13 Dyn-Hetero Dynamic Heterogeneity and the Glass Transition
14 Gardner Gardner Transition and Sub-Tg Dynamics in Complex Systems
15 Glass-MNC Glasses: Macroscopic, Nanoconfined, and Colloidal
16 Gran-Jamm Granular Materials and Jamming
17 H-Pressure High Pressure Studies
18 IonLiq-Polym Ionic Liquids & Ionic Polymers
19 Ion-Por-Nano Ionics, Porous Ionics and Nano-ionics
20 Met-Glas Relaxations and Diffusion in Metallic Glasses 
21 Nonlin-Dyn Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Rheology, Theory of Nonlinear Dynamics 
22 Polym-Dyn Polymer Dynamics and Viscoelasticity
23 Polym-Nanocom Polymer Nanocomposites, Structure, Molecular Mechanisms and Properties
24 Proc-SR-Boson Processes Between Structural Relaxation and Boson Peak
25 Theor-Simul Theory and Simulations of Glasses and Glass Transition  
26 TV Role of Temperature and Volume in the Dynamics of Liquids and Polymers
27 Ultras-G Ultrastable Glasses
28 Water-HB Water and Hydrogen Bonded Systems