Scope of the Conference


Relaxation and diffusion processes are the problems encountered in many branches of science and engineering that deal with a variety of complex systems and materials. The studies of the complex materials are often the key in innovations and advancement of technology in industry. The problems involve broad ranges of length and time scales. Although the systems are widely different, the properties of the processes are often found to be similar. The remarkable similarities indicate the possibility of existence of fundamental mechanism. In spite of the advances made in the last several decades, the key problems in many disciplines remained unsolved. Hence, there is presently excellent opportunity for anyone in making important developments and even breakthroughs in various fields.

For the 8IDMRCS, we shall organize an interdisciplinary program with the purpose of harvesting new results and pointing out new directions, challenges and opportunities in diverse areas of research of relaxations in complex systems. The technical sessions will be organized to bring out the advances made by colleagues from disciplines including physics, chemistry, biophysics, biochemistry, metallurgy, rheology, and various sciences of colloids, polymers, biopolymers, glasses, solid state ionics, ionic liquids, nanostructured matter, nanocomposites, pharmaceuticals, food, and soft matter in general.


The conference topics are structured in the following Sections